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Auburn Gymnastics Booster Club is a 501c3 nonprofit organization designed to foster and support the competitive gymnasts at Auburn Gymnastics Center. Our members consist of the families and friends of our athletes. To assist in our purpose of supporting our gymnasts, we organize many fund-raising opportunities. 

If you are interested in joining and meet one of the membership options criteria below, do sign up!

Membership options:

AGB and Website Membership: If your child is an AGC Team gymnast, you may ALREADY be a registered member of this website. Log in as instructed.  Contact any of your board members for assistance if unable to log in.

Athlete Membership: You MUST be an AGC Team athlete.

Website Only Membership: AGC Team athlete affiliates (i.e. team coaches, grandparents or sponsors).



Auburn Gymnastics Booster Club * PO Box 1296 * Auburn WA 98071
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